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Longboardshop - decks and trucks and rock'n'roll - The Movie

About Longboardshop

Longboardshop Team


Norman Budig

Norman is Manager of the Longboardshop. He had previously completed educational internships with us in the production department. Some of the longboard shapes such as the Red Dot Award winning Roadkill are Norman's brainchild . He is an avid downhill longboarder and snowboarder and has the necessary background to advise our customers well. He's already been with us for so many years that he's become an integral part of Pogo.


Born In: 1985
Home Town: Hoesslinsuelz
Favorite Spot: Water (ocean) and asphalt (secret spot)
Passions: Product Design
Area Of Expertise: Longboard Equipment
Stance: Regular

Jogi März

Co-Founder of Longboardshop with Martin in 2002. As innovation-artist, creative thinker and crazy, Yogi drives Pogo's progress continuously. Pogo raceplates , longboard brakes , skateboard rain wheels , collapsible surfboards, immortal motorhomes, four-wheeler camper trucks and an entire boat are his works of art for the world. Extreme-vacation or Adventure trip, over 200,000 kilometers per thumb; for Yogi mobility, extreme sports and life enjoyment are crucial. He himself stands for balance, simplicity, and jogging pants. Yogi is a Technical Production Engineer and speaks five languages. His wife and all of their children were born in France. He wants to share his philosophy not only with his generation, but with each Pogo rider in their tracks: life is geil!


Born In: 1962
Home Town: Hößlinsülz, Germany
Favorite Spot: La Grave / Kaunertal / Verdicchio, ES
Passions: Surf, Snow, Skate, Judo, Rugby, Handicraft Work, Motorcycle, Extreme Travel, Hitchhiking
Area Of Expertise: Product Development
Stance: Regular

Favorite Longboardshop Product: NINETYSIXTY / BooBam + Pogo Brake /100cm /Longboard + Brake

Martin Sammet

As one of the two founders of Longboardshop in 2002, he's designed and shaped the most snowboards and skateboards in the factory. His high standards of quality and sustainability in board production manifest the Pogo philosophy: Handmade with love. With his patience and continuous quality consciousness each Pogo Board turned out as a unique masterpiece. Now he turned over the Pogo production to Ben, so he can work more on strategic issues.As a passionate snowboarder, skater and surfer Martin's day-to-day passion for amazing boards means the world. He is an engineer and speaks four languages. With his wife Dawn Hammond-Sammet (who was also responsible for many of the artworks on Pogoboards) he has a son.


Born In: 1962
Home Town: Hoesslinsuelz
Favorite Spot: La Grave
Passions: Stand Up Paddle Surf and Long-Boarding
Area Of Expertise: Longboard Shapes and Construction Techniques
Stance: Goofy

Favorite Longboardshop Product: POGO /TT Soulcruiser /140cm /complete

Katrin Carlowitz

Katrin is our main artist. She is doing most of the handpainted Snowboards and Longboards. Beside that, she photographs all the boards for our websites and keeps the sites in shape.


Born In: 1987
Home Town: Hoesslinsuelz
Favorite Spot: Danish North Shore
Passions: Painting Pogo Longboards
Area Of Expertise: Longboardshop Products and Content Manager
Stance: Regular

Favorite Longboardshop Product: POGO 'Amely' 95cm - complete board

Martin Bitzer

After finishing his apprenticeship in the Longboardshop, Martin now manages merchant shipping, customer service and purchasing. He comes from the Schwabisch Alps, where he grew up in the snow. Since he can remember he's longboarded and snowboarded. It was only a matter of time until he found his way to Pogo in 2011. Bitzi rides all Pogo models, summer and winter, and is mega excited about the boards. He represents the Longboardshop/Pogo at all European Events.


Born In: 19
Home Town: Hoesslinsuelz
Favorite Spot: Loewensteiner Berge
Passions: Longboard Downhill
Area Of Expertise: Freeride and Downhill Equipment
Stance: Goofy

Favorite Longboardshop Product: POGO /TT RoadKill 95 /95cm

Celine Ziegler

Celine is our new apprentice at Longboard Shop, concentrating on the marketing and shipping. In the Longboardshop she's learning everything that a businesswoman for marketing & communication needs. Her main interests are trade shows, event planning, advertising and public relations. Her father Thierry was the first hired staff at Pogo and helped build the company. As the first-born "Pogo-Kid " of the second generation, she has definitely grown up with Pogo Spirit from the cradle. Her multi-lingualism is especially helpful in communications with our strongest export country, France. In addition, Celine brings much feminine charm to the company.


Born In: 1991
Home Town: Hoesslinsuelz
Favorite Spot: French Alp Roads
Passions: Longboard Freeride
Area Of Expertise: Marketing and PR
Stance: Regular

Favorite Longboardshop Product: NINETYSIXTY / Kickpin 2012 /109cm /Longboard COMPLETE

Matthias Ebel

As a child born in Lowenstein-Hoßlinsulz, growing up with his buddies Chrissi and Alex watching and taking part in the inofficial Illegal International German Slalom Championships during the POGO Parties, Matze has long been a part of our company and the downhill longboard sport. Only a few Longboarders are as focused, disciplined, loyal and hard working as Matze. It shows you how far you can go with talent and hard training. We are proud to have him on our team and for him to build raceboard prototypes, not only because he was from the same small, peaceful village as Pogo, but because he stayed modest and sympathetic beeing an internationally successful Rider.


Born In: 1987
Home Town: Hoesslinsuelz
Favorite Spot: Hälden
Passions: Longboard Downhill
Area Of Expertise: Longboard Downhill Champion Almabtrieb 2013
Stance: Goofy

Tina Zibeline

If you've longboarded for a while, then you know Tina. So it shouldn't be surprising after so many years on the board to have such success. Tina's Talent and desire for adventure are reflected back when she longboards down the streets. And because of that, with her down-to-Earth and open-minded ways we asked Tina to become a Pogo Team Rider in 2010. Surfing is her favorite sport beside Longboarding and Snowboarding, so you'll often find her driving to F/ES/Morocco. Tina works in the textile industry and creates beautiful hats for her own line, Zibeline beanies.


Born In: 1986
Home Town: Stuttgart
Favorite Spot: Höhenpark Stuttgart
Passions: To Crochet Zibeline Beanies
Area Of Expertise: Longboard Downhill German Champion 2014
Stance: Regular


Longboardshop The Company

Here at Longboardshop.de all employées are skaters, longboarders, surfers or snowboarders - but most all are all of it. Here on the Pogo Longboardshop Farm sustainability, fun and good vibes are coming together. The people who work here decided to live here. They sell only what they would decide to ride themself. Best is to call in or stop by to see what we write about here. But so long have a browse at our online-shop and get yourself a longboard - that's what we would do if we wouldn't have already 10 boards at home.

The Longboardshop History

Longboardshop Geschichte

Longboardshop.de - The oldest skate online shop in europe

Back in the day when Martin and Jogi used to only build Snowboards and Longboards, they had this great idea during summer time 2000: Creating an Online Store to sell Pogo Longboards and imported Skate goods from the USA to all europe.

Longboardshop and Pogo, that was the perfect wedding. 

In 2000 when the dotcom bubble exploded and no company really believed in the internet anymore, some guys were packing and shipping skate longboard orders to europe. Almost 15 years later, over 7 employées offering great online products, deals and service to thousands of customers in europe. The guys from Longboardshop are stocked to share this fascinating sport and lifestyle with so many others. Longboardshop.de - Europe's oldest Skate Longboard Store.

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