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BEAR / Polar /per piece
BEAR / Polar /per piece
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BEAR / Polar /per piece BEAR / Polar /per piece BEAR / Polar /per piece BEAR / Polar /per piece
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Polar Bear 105mm, 130mm, 155mm and 180mm Trucks


Bear couldn't be more excited about releasing the long awaited Polar Bears.


Bear has been working with team riders designing and engineering this regular geometry truck for two and a half years. We've been through 34 revisions along with 5 sets of moulds and prototypes. No part of the truck was overlooked.


The Baseplate
- Featuring 8 holes, so you're able to mount your truck right where you want it when riding a board with old school or new school hole pattern.
- All mounting holes are accessible with a skate tool
- Low Profile, only 2" from the surface to the center of the axle. Grizzlies are 2.6"
- Added material to impact areas where more meat is needed, in front of the pivot cup and behind the bushing seat.
- Removed material from the bottom of the base plate to reduce weight

The hanger
- Extensive computer modeling and physical tests were done to engineer the strongest hanger on the market.
- Gussets were added on the underside of the hanger to ensure strength in all directions
- Material removed from the front of the hanger to reduce weight
- Shaped around the top bushing so that the washer doesn't hit the hanger and ensures tools are easy to use.
- Hangers are faced so bearings run clean and square
- Heat treatments provide a very strong finish, this means the hanger doesn't wear down quickly when grinding.
- The Axle lengths are precise, designed not to stick out of your nuts, and preventing ground axles.

The Bushings
- Many bushing combos were tested, the stock bushings are an ideal middle ground. Great for carving and tight turning as well as stable for faster riding.
- The bottom bushing is a standard 90a barrel 15mm tall.
- The top bushing is a small cone, also 90a, 10.5mm tall.

Check them out and get them on your board!

Технические условия
Free Ride
Специальное применение
Mini Cruiser
Тип подвескиТип Standard Street+Vert
Диаметр оси 8 мм Стандарт (Standard)
Внутренняя ширина подвески / информация от производителя
105, 130, 155, 180 мм
Внутрення ширина подвески / фактическое значение
105, 130, 155, 180 мм
Ширина подвески (Truck) по внешней кромке шплинта оси
225... мм
Глубина держателя (Hanger) поворотный штифт (pivotpin) в центре
50 мм
Высота от деки до центра оси
58 мм
Требуемый внутренний диаметр подшипникаСтандарт (Standard) 8 мм
Длина оси
29 мм
Крепление осиФиксированное
Замена осиНевозможно
Конструкция осиВстык
Материал подвескиАлюминий
Отделка подвескиНеобработанный
Цвет держателя (Hanger)
Цвет платформы
Тип крепления платформы (Baseplate)
Верхняя установка (стандартная установка)
Сквозное (Dropthrough)
Верхняя установка-заподлицо (Flush-Topmount)
Сквозное-заподлицо (Flush-Dropthrough)
Длина платформы (Baseplate)
80 мм
Ширина платформы (Baseplate)
55 мм
Толщина платформы (Baseplate)
5.5 мм
Схема расположения посадочных отверстий на платформе (Baseplate)Новая школа (Newskool) + Старая школа (Oldskool)
Возможность регулируемого держателя (Hanger)Нет
Форма амортизаторов (Bushing)Конический+цилиндрический
Упаковочная единица для подвески (Trucks)1
Вес изделия в кг
0.46 кг
Страна происхождения неизвестна
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