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POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer
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POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer
POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer
POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer
POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer POGO The Asueto - Powdersurfer  
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The Asueto:

"A bindingless powdersurf excitement device."
Powdersurfing? Minimalistic and pure.
Just jump on the board and draw your line without the use of bindings. Whether you choose to ride easy backyard terrain or challenging big mountain lines, this art of turning in snow will surely get you excited. The asueto, a unique board that improves the capabilities of riding powder without bindings.

• 1,53m of 3D Design 
• Ultra lightweight sandwiched woodcore with kevlar and glasfiber reinforcements 
• High Performance P-Tex Base 
• 3D Grip Pads including Footguides 
• The asueto comes ready to ride including pads, leash and a special board sock 

Riding powder on the asueto will definitely get you excited and hooked for life. 
The spoon nose makes the board float fast and easy. The boat hull middle spine keeps you stable at higher speeds and the side rails allow snappy turns in full control.  The powdersurf pads let you feel and steer the board with ease. Doesn't matter if you prefer to hold your feet in position or move them around for some extra surfy manoeuvres. The neoprene topsheet of the pads make sure that snow and ice won't stick. Thanks to the footguides of the pads you will have perfect foot orientation without having to look down. 
Just focus on your line and enjoy the sensational surf feeling. 

The light weight of the board and the dynamic board flex are an allround joker. Not much to carry around on the way to your next line. Effortless manoeuvres. 
Little ollies. Pumping for speed like on a surfboard.Just go for it. 

The potential of the asueto powdersurfer comes to full effect in fresh powder, but please feel free to try it in slush, 
cross a groomed piste, follow a connecting trail or use a t-bar to get back up again. 

The key to surfing powder is to follow the natural flow of the terrain  and to use the snow conditions to it's fullest. 
As small slams are surely part of the experience, please use your leash. 
Attach it to your foot, belt or backpack, just make sure that you, your board and your buddies are safe. 

Enjoy the Asueto powdersurf excitement.

Inclusive Leash!

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