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Zak Maytum Bushings and Wheels

POGO /TT Citycruiser /110cm /complete
349.00EUR 249.95EUR
POGO /TT Citycruiser /110cm /complete
POGO /TT Citycruiser /110cm /complete POGO /TT Citycruiser /110cm /complete POGO /TT Citycruiser /110cm /complete POGO /TT Citycruiser /110cm /complete
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Citycruiser  110

Ride the city! And shred whatever comes in your way! This nice bouncy board with kick-tail and camber makes a nice long-distance pumper and  a great allround commuter. The heart of this board is an profiled ash-woodcore with with c varying thickness. The Hi-Tec-Construction has Titanal and Kevlar layers in top and bottom. An extra rubber layer is built in for vibration damping. Hand laminated with epoxy and pressed with a long time – low temperature method.

The bottom layer is real satin walnut veneer with a silk screened logo!

  • titanal and kevlar reinforced
  • ash woodcore
  • dampening rubber
  • hand laminated with epoxy
  • long time low-temperature pressing
  • divided Jessup griptape with visible titanal-strip in the middle
  • free lifetime repair service

These boards comes in 2 flex versions:
Medium flex up to 100kg
Stiff flex up to 120kg

Setup: NINETYSIXTY Trucks black 180mm, NINETYSIXTY FREERIDE GRÜN 70mm/78A, ASK Abec 7 Kugellager

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