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QUINBOARDS Dancing Green 2018 | 118cm
Deck Only:
214.36EUR 175.41EUR
QUINBOARDS Dancing Green 2018 | 118cm
QUINBOARDS Dancing Green 2018 | 118cm QUINBOARDS Dancing Green 2018 | 118cm QUINBOARDS Dancing Green 2018 | 118cm QUINBOARDS Dancing Green 2018 | 118cm
QUINBOARDS Dancing Green 2018 | 118cm  
Deck:QUINBOARDS Dancing Green 2018 | 118cm [Flex: RAW]
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Dancing Green 2018

Larger than life and flying kicktails!
The Dancing Green clocks in at a lavish length of 1,18m and was equipped with massive kicktails to make manuals 
possible that you wouldn't even dream of with another board. Although it seemed like a mission impossible we were 
able to get even more pop out of the board in our 2016 version. Compared to the older version the kicktails are a 
lot steeper now making this chap the perfect companion for grab and freestyle tricks of all kinds. 
A width of 25 cm offers a lot of space for Peter Pans, Crosssteps and every dancing move. After all, 
the board should be the last thing to limit your imagination. 

Mirror, mirror: Symmetry trumps
The Dancing Green has a symmetrical shape and comes with a slight rocker. This allows for a strong foothold at 
all times and you just can?t shake the feeling that the board gently catches you after every jump. 

Made for eternity and beyond
The 2016 version comes with sycamore added to the tried and tested ash to improve the durability of the Dancing Green. 
This makes the board more resistant to abrasion and protects the edges. Of course we still use carbon and glass fiber for 
the construction make sure that you get the most out of the wonderful flex. The CNC shaped wheel wells are meticulously 
placed to prevent wheelbite ? often the cause for messy plunges.

Big boned? Don?t worry about it!
Anorexic squirrel or pudgy bear? As the Dancing Green is available in two different flex levels all shapes and sizes look 
equally graceful and nippy with this board. Go and get it and shake a leg!

deck only

choose between two FLEX options
: Soft Flex up to 75kg +
: Hard Flex from 75kg 

Length: 118 cm (46.5")
Width: 25 cm (9.8")
Wheelbase: 77 cm (30.3")
Construction: rocker, concave, symmetrical
Setup: Ash, Maple, Carbon, Fibreglas

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