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TSG Pass Fiberglass helmet
TSG Pass Fiberglass helmet
TSG Pass Fiberglass helmet TSG Pass Fiberglass helmet TSG Pass Fiberglass helmet TSG Pass Fiberglass helmet
TSG Pass Fiberglass helmet  
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The TSG Pass Helmet is the perfect combonation of high-speed performance and design!

Compact Aerodynamic Design
The TSG Pass Helmet was designed by downhill skaters for downhill skaters and is made to fit the anatomy of your head perfectly. The compact, aerodynamic design is optimal for any downhill longboarder who desires a high level of protection. The front is shorter than other helmets and has a chin protector to provide you with a safer fit.
Intelligent Visor System
Good peripheral vision is necessary when skating sharp, demanding curves. The large view window is spherical for improved vision. The visor includes an anti-fog finish on the inside and an anti-scratch finish on the outside. Nose vent ports are combined with anti-fogging exhalation vents to ensure a clear view when the visor is closed. Every TSG helmet comes with two visors: one's clear and the other one is tinted so you can be properly equipped for all types of lighting. Changing the visors out is easy and doesn't require tools. 
Fog Inhibitor & Internal Ventilation System 
Two nose vent ports on the front let in lots of air flow. Additionally, a blocker located at the nose ensures that the air you exhale doesn't fog up your visor at the front. The "fog blocker" is made from soft foam and comes in two different sizes for a perfect, individual fit. Both sizes are shipped with your order so you can test them out at home. Additionally, two small openings at the ears make it easier for you to hear the world around you as an added safety measure.
Adjustable Fit 
The TSG Pass Helmet is available in four sizes and protects every head with a circumference between 54 - 61 cm. Cheek padding is included and can be made thicker or thinner to suit your needs. This helmet comes with a soft inner lining which can be taken out and washed for practicality purposes.


- adjustable, compact fit
- large view window w/ smart visor system
- fog inhibitor
- 2 visors included

S: 54 - 56 cm
M: 56 - 58 cm
L: 58 - 60 cm
XL: 60 - 61 cm

Terrain: Bike, Longboard


Tekniska specifikationer
Free Ride
Hjälm typFullface
Hjälm storlekSe alternativruta
Hjälm färg
Hjälm visirfärgen klar och en skuggad
Hjälm leveransomfattningHjäm med visir och fitting
Hjälm normEN 1078
Hjälm tillsynDenna hjälm är inte för MC bruk!
Hjälm ventilationJa
Hjälm inner liningAvtagbar
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