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LUSH / GT Race Glove
82.81EUR 48.69EUR
LUSH / GT Race Glove
LUSH / GT Race Glove LUSH / GT Race Glove LUSH / GT Race Glove
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In over a decade of perfecting slide gloves, this is our proudest acheivement. Working with our Race and Glove teams, we have reworked the previous Deluxe Race Glove to come up with this - the Lush GT Race Glove. With a re-engineered cut and specially selected materials, rigourously tested under all conditions and weathers for over two years, we can say straight up that this is the strongest and most comfortable slide glove we have ever made.

"I cannot believe how long these gloves last!" - European Champion and 4 German Champion Sebastian Hertler.


  • Thick, tough leather construction with buffalo-hide fingertips, thumb tips and wrist protection. They last far better than anything else we have tried.
  • Small velcro tab to tuck in with your leathers (if you are wearing them). Comfortable, minimal and secure - perfect.
  • Super strong Coats thread throughout the construction, using as many as triple stiches in high-impact areas. Coats have been making thread since 1755, and are the market leader in thread technology and production.
  • Velcro - from Velcro!! We're using the real branded stuff to ensure that your pucks stay on.
  • Hidden padding betwen your palm and the puck, to mimimise those hard impacts and keep your hands strong on those long runs.
  • Breathable back. We like skating when it's hot, but we don't like sweaty hands! The material we use on the backs and finger areas is stretchy and breathable for maximum comfort and dexterity.
  • Hidden high-impact knuckle armour. None of us plan on crashing... but if you do, solid armour helps!

Our Race Gloves are the weapon of choice for World Class Racers the world over. This latest version is the best yet.

These gloves are intended for advanced sliders and racers. The fingertips are protective only and not intended to replace finger pucks, and like all materials, will wear through if used as such (although they will last a hell of a long time compared to other all-leather gloves!). If you're learning to slide, we recommend the Lush Freeride Gloves.

Sizes available - S,M,L,XL.

Technical Specifications
Glove-ankle protectionYes
Glove-typClosed finger
Pad-typPalm only
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