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POGO Brake / 8-10 cm clearance
POGO Brake / 8-10 cm clearance
POGO Brake / 8-10 cm clearance POGO Brake / 8-10 cm clearance
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It allows you to extend your comfort zone by controlling your speed, thus accelerating your learning curve. The brake is perfect for beginner longboarders who have a background in snowboarding or surfing. They tend to go a bit fast in the beginning. No more fear of speed wobbles or sudden stops; a slight touch of the brake and your speed is checked.
With this system, braking is very easy. Standing stable with two feet on the board, you simply lift the heel of your rear foot to activate the pedal. After learning the reactivity of the brake, you are all set to ride with extra confidence.
Advanced riders can profit from the brakes potential to kill speedwobbles or make barefoot or flip-flop riding safer.

Dimension: L=52 cm / W=6,5 cm weight 530g            

ATTENTION:  A skateboard equipped with this brake may only be used on flat terrain in closed skate parks. It must not be used at speeds above running speed. This brake must not be used on public roads or in public traffic. This brake can fail at any time, so the rider has to manage his speed in a way that he can always jump off the board safely in case the brake fails. This brake can provoke instant stops due to hard use, malfunction, breakdown or inexplicable failure at any time. This brake can fail to at act any time due to hard use, malfunction, breakdown or inexplicable failure. Skateboarding is hazardous sport. Falling down from a skateboard can result in injury or death. Do not use this product without wearing a helmet and appropriate body protection. Skateboarding on public roads is prohibited by law.

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