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LOADED / Bhangra / 123cm /Longboard /Longboard
Deck Only:
239.95EUR 199.95EUR
LOADED / Bhangra / 123cm /Longboard
Deck:LOADED / Bhangra / 123cm /Longboard [Flex: 2]
Griptape:Griptape included with deck
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The Bhangra

You can choose between two Flex:

Flex 1: (68kg - 113+kg)
Flex 2: (40kg - 86+kg)

That's what Loaded says:


Length: 48.5"
Width: 9.5"
Wheelbase: 32.75" (inner hole)
Weight-Deck: 6.3 lbs (flex 1) and 5.6 lbs (flex 2)
We wanted to create a more compact dancing/freestyle board that you could basically do everything on.  A board that has plenty
of room to get your dancing groove on and is smaller, lighter, and easier to throw around.  Something that is not overly huge,
can bust out steezy slides, and can be carried and fit into a trunk easier.  Can you downhill on this board? Probably, but it is not
a DH board.

We are really stoked on the rocker in this board (the board has a slight “U” bend to it). The original prototype had camber and
felt good, but we decided to put some rocker in it and bam a ram, it instantly felt so much better. The rocker just sinks you into
the board and gives you that extra cushy, locked in feel. Feels great for dancing, makes sliding a lot easier and more
comfortable, and puts the board lower to the ground, making pushing a tad bit easier.

HURRAY, we added concave!  We added a mellow “U” concave to give you more confidence when sliding.  The concave also helps
lock your feet in when landing big spins and such.  The concave is mellow and does not feel uncomfortable for footwork moves.

Nose and Tail Kicks
More nose and tail curvatures allow for easier catching of the nose and tail. If you get your timing down, yes you can ollie the
Bhangra. Not easy, but it can be done.  Both the nose and tail will lock your feet in nicely for manuals, but the different lengths
result in distinct feelings of balance and pop. You may find riding the board in a certain direction better for some tricks; for
example, the tail is really good for catching shuvits-to-manuals, while the nose feels better for hang ten manuals.

Functional Griptape Design
This is our most thought out grip design to date featuring a functional, shoe saving design and two different types of grip tape,
oh yes.
For the main standing platform, we used a mellower grip with a functional pattern to save your shoes.  As you all know, when you
do pivot motions on grip tape you slowly wear out the balls of your shoes; you are basically grinding away your soles on
sandpaper.  We cut out this grip design so that when you do your spinning moves, most of your shoe will move freely on the
bamboo, not the grip tape.  We also designed it so you still have plenty of grip tape on the rails of the board for confidence
when sliding.
We used a gnarlier, gripper grip tape on the nose and tail to help give you that extra locked in feeling when holding out steezy
manuals for the ladies and/or gentlemen.  Plus the extra grip makes it easier to catch the nose and tail for quick shuvit-
to-manual moves.

The Bhangra comes in two flexes:
FLEX 2 (90-190+ lbs) is what Adam S. (150 lbs) and Adam C. (160 lbs) ride.  The Adam’s prefer a board with a bit of flex to it
(feels a lot better for freestyle).  You can still take the flex 2 plenty fast and do slides comfortably, thanks to the rocker and concave.

FLEX 1 (150-250+ lbs) is definitely stiffer, and if you are 160 lbs it will only flex slightly under you.  If you like stiffer boards and plan on doing hard pounding tricks with this board or weigh more (over 190 lbs), this is your board.

For this graphic we decided to try something new.  We took a collage of Adam Colton’s scary monster faces meshed together and
screaming with joy and burned/branded them into the bottom of the board.  If you feed them, they will stay happy.
The top graphic is sick and simple.  It is a monster’s eye surrounded by a swirling line.  If you spin on the swirling lines, you will
get more speed… hahaha.

We are stoked to say this is our most organic board to date.  We have created a durable beast bound together with jello and
spider tears.  Actually, the board is constructed from bamboo, cork and epoxy bio-resin.  We used no fiberglass in this board but
were able to get the strength and flex characteristics we wanted by using two vertical cores of vert-lam bamboo with cork in the
middle for weight reduction and dampening.  The top of the board is a cross-ply of bamboo vert-lam to strengthen the board
across the width and we use a similar ply in the center (next to the cork) to stiffen up the flex. Many of the boards have small
holes in the nose and or tail. These are caused by grooves in the bottom core that allow the board to bend into a deeper
concave. They will not affect the performance or durability of the board and are a great place to store soup.

Epoxy Bio-Resin
Not sure if you knew this, but resin plays a big part in how a board feels. We tried out a variety of resins, each having their own
energy return properties and flex characteristics.  For a board like this, we really dug a more mellow, damp feeling resin. 
Something that just kind of sinks nicely under your feet and does not have so much energy return that it wants to buck you off. 
We classify the flex as soft, damp, almost "dead" flex.  In contrast a Dervish has a more lively, springy flex to it.  So we found
the perfect resin for this board and are even more stoked because it is a bio-resin and tastes good in cereal, hahaha.

Wheel Wells
We designed functional wheel wells to accommodate several brands of 180mm trucks and 70mm wheels without risers. They will
prevent wheelbite in most circumstances; however, you may encounter bite if you run super loose trucks with soft bushings.

Setup Recommendations
Trucks: We recommend 180mm reverse-kingpin trucks: Paris, Randal, Bears, etc.
Wheels: This board is intended to ride with 70mm or smaller wheels. 75mm wheels are too big, and you will have to use a bunch
of risers to avoid the risk of getting wheel bite.  Plus, 70mm is such a nice, lightweight size to throw around, do tricks on, and

Adam Stokowski, Dane Webber and Adam Colton like this board set up with 86a Stimulus wheel for sliding and shuvit spin
moves.  The 86a is a good all round wheel for their style and provides extra leeway: when landing a shuvit wrong, the wheels will
slide the extra bit around instead of gripping and bucking you off.  A softer wheel will be more comfortable for cruising long
distances, cross-stepping, manuals and such.


Loaded Boards

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Recensioner (5)
Tekniska specifikationer
Deck längd
123 cm
LeveransomfattningDeck utan setup, Griptape inkluderad
Free Ride
Deck bredd
24 cm
Deck hjulbas (wheelbase) centrerad
88.5 cm
Deck bredd vid främre truck
15.5 cm
Deck bredd vid bakre truck
15 cm
Deck tjocklek vid främre truck
15 mm
Deck tjocklek vid bakre truck
15 mm
Nose outlineRundad
Tail OutlineRundad
Cross-sektion djup
10 mm
Sideviewnegativ Chamber (Rocker)
Sideview djup
3 mm
Deck hålmönsterNewschool (short: 52,5 x 41,5 mm)
Deck truck monterad
Toppmonterad (konventionellt monterad)
Se alternativ
Deck Ovandel DesignBambu+logotryck
Deck Underdel DesignBambu+tryck
Griptape stilStandardtape+centerstripe
Griptape inkluderadJa
Griptape färg
RiderweightSe alternativ kg
Riderweight begränsningar
Från:40 kg Till:113 kg
Produktvikt kg
2.8 kg
Tillverkad i:
Förpackningsenhet1 del
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Produktkod: AAA21
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