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KEBBEK / Ben Dubreuil Mountain Borg Series /97cm /Longboard
Deck Only:
150.95EUR 49.95EUR
KEBBEK / Ben Dubreuil Mountain Borg Series /97cm
Griptape:Griptape included with deck
inclu impostos mais despesas de envio  

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KEBBEK Ben Dubreuil Mountain Borg Series 97cm

Board may has scratches.

Kebbek has been putting a lot of time and effort in creating this completely new board for Ben, this one is gonna please the riders who just want to do it all on one setup.

What does all this mean? Optimal foot placement for stuff like going for a big spin off your buddy’s launch ramp, tucking really low to pass this leather wearing dude before the hairpin, ollieing to a manual on your favorite obstacle or pulling 70k + powerslides to draw some nice thanes lines, this board just won’t let you down, and it’s got this freaky graphic that may give you an idea of what goes on inside Ben’s head.

Let’s try to list the new features it has:
- symmetrical shape with twin kicks
- slight drop with a cambered centre
- spoon pockets on both ends of the foot platform
- Wheelwells  


Deck Only!!

Especificações Técnicas
Comprimento do Deck
97 cm
ShapeTwintip (Streetstyle+Habilidades)
âmbito da entregaPlataforma sem configuração, Griptape incluída
Free Ride
Largura do Deck
23 cm
Deck-distância base entre eixos (orifício interior)
63.5 cm
Largura do Deck no truck dianteiro
13.5 cm
Largura do Deck no truck traseiro
13.5 cm
Espessura do Deck no truck frontal
13 mm
Espessura do Deck no truck traseiro
13 mm
Exterior do NoseQuadrado
Exterior do TailQuadrado
Linha da CintaAmpulheta
Secção TransversalCôncavo
Profundidade transsecção
13 mm
Vista LateralVirada para baixo
Profundidade vista lateral
12 mm
Padrão orifício do DeckOldskool (longo: 63 x 41,5mm)
Montagem Deck-truck
Topmount (montagem convencional)
MaterialÁcer canadiano
Deck-Design de TopoMadeira
Deck-Design de BaseMadeira+Impressão tamanho completo
Griptape incluídaNão
Kg do peso do produto
2.4 kg
Unidade embalagem1 Peça
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