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NINETYSIXTY / DoubleKick "skate-aid"/ 104cm/ COMPLETE board /Longboard
NINETYSIXTY / DoubleKick "skate-aid"/ 104cm/ COMPLETE board
NINETYSIXTY / DoubleKick "skate-aid"/ 104cm/ COMPLETE board NINETYSIXTY / DoubleKick "skate-aid"/ 104cm/ COMPLETE board NINETYSIXTY / DoubleKick "skate-aid"/ 104cm/ COMPLETE board NINETYSIXTY / DoubleKick "skate-aid"/ 104cm/ COMPLETE board
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Nineytysixty DoubleKick - "skate-aid"

With this limited edition of the Doublekick board we support skate-aid to help the kids in areas of conflict and deprivation.
When selling a board 30% of the proceeds will be donated to skate-aid . This donation will then be used in various places in the world for many projects.  

-Take Part
and support us-

About skate-aid

Skate-aid supports kids in areas of conflict and deprivation by bringing skateboarding to their communities.
In times of adversity skateboarding brings unity, equality and a stable social environment enabling great growth in self confidence,
self worth and most importantly good times. Every little help can change something for these kids and transform a community
and the future of it. Supplying skateboards and skate equipment, building new skateparks are the main tools to provide education
for a brighter, safer future.

Skateboarding knows no boundaries or war, skin colour or hate, poor or rich: Skateboarding unites!

The means to an end
    Fundraising for the individual projects
    Collecting skateboards and gear for free distribution to the various initiatives
    Gathering and utilizing know-how, manpower and contacts to the skateboard, media and business world
    Public relations, lobbying and information services

for more information visit: http://www.skate-aid.com/


New the DoubleKick 103.5cm

A beautiful Freerider from NINETYSIXTY.
NINETYSIXTY offers a board at a pretty fair price with high-quality.
The board is made with bamboo veneer on the top and bottom layer,
wich gives the board not only a good look, but also a really nice flex.
This board has biaxial fiberglass(Glass fibers are woven at a 90°/0° angle in the transverse direction) in upper and lower layer.
The fiberglass weave leaves its mark on the board’s flex and torsion properties.
Another decisive factor in the degree of flex and torsion is the distance between the upper and lower layer (degree and variation of thickness throughout the board).


Top Mount
Rocker ...
A real Allrounder.
Artwork by Niels de Jong

Complete board:
- Deck + Griptape
- NINETYSIXTY Truck 180mm, with 50°, hanger flippable
- NINETYSIXTY Wheels mit 69mm in 78a
- ABEC 5 bearings,
- Flatpads

NINETYSIXTY is our own brand.
Developed from experienced longboarders and world cup racers of the first hour.

Технические условия
Длина деки
103.5 см
ФормаЛонгборд с вырезами (Cutout-longboard)
Комплект поставкиБорд-комплит в сборе
Free Ride
Даунхил (Downhill)
Ширина деки
25 см
Дека-колесная база (внутреннее отверстие)
72 см
Ширина деки у передней подвески (truck)
14.5 см
Ширина деки у задней подвески (truck)
14.5 см
Контур носаКвадрат (Square)
Контур хвостаКвадрат (Square)
СужениеПесочные часы
ПрофильКонкейв (Concave)
Вид сбокуотрицательный камбер (Camber) – рокер (Rocker)
Схема расположения посадочных отверстий на декеСтарая школа (Oldskool) (длинный: 63 x 41,5 мм)
Крепление дека-подвеска
Верхняя установка (стандартная установка)
Гибкость (Flex)
Рисунок верха декиДерево+принт логотипа
Рисунок днища декиДерево+полноразмерный принт
Тип шкуркиСтандартная шкурка+Логотип
Цвет шкурки
Вес райдераОграничен кг
Упаковочная единица1 шт.
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